There is an increase in transactions and prices in the homes that are located in the periphery and the suburbs, while the supply in the center of the cities remains stable. The average investment planned for the purchase is € 217,995, while the average price for the sale is ...

The average price of a house in Catalonia is 38% above the average budget that is willing to pay

  • There is an increase in transactions and prices in the homes that are located in the periphery and the suburbs, while the supply in the center of the cities remains stable.
  • The average investment planned for the purchase is € 217,995, while the average price for the sale is € 300,147.
  • The financial management of buying a home is more of a concern to Catalans than to the rest of the Spanish population.

Madrid, July 18, 2018. - CENTURY21 Spain , the largest real estate brokerage network in the world, presents the "I Observatory of the Housing Market in Catalonia", an initiative that not only highlights the current reality of the real estate sector in our country but also aims to be a tool that helps real estate agents to acquire the necessary tools to act in a precise way before a new type of consumer, today more demanding and demanding a more personalized service.

"The reason why CENTURY21 has carried out this study is to focus the debate on the real estate sector on people, their desires and their needs. With the results obtained, those of us who are part of the real estate sector have the opportunity to provide Catalans with an effective response to their demands ", says Ricardo Sousa, CEO of CENTURY21 for Spain and Portugal. " The market real estate is constantly evolving and experts in this sector must know how to adapt to what today's consumer needs ", adds Sousa.

Additionally, with the publication of this Report the CENTURY21 network aims to shed light on the current situation of the housing sector in Catalonia, and which reflects the trends, attitudes and opinions of both buyers and sellers and tenants and landlords regarding the characteristics of homes and emotional factors that bring about the change of home in this region.

Through the I Observatory of the Housing Market in Catalonia, the company highlights a reality of the Real estate agent that presents multiple contrasts. After the preference of the Catalans for a home or rental, the study shows that 86% of the Catalans interviewed, who have been looking for a home in the last year, prefers live in a house you own .

These data confirm that the dream of most Catalans is still the purchase of a property. The motivations for which residents in Catalonia prefer a home in property are mainly two, the first reason pointed out by almost half the Catalans interviewed (49% ) is that home ownership is a future investment for them, while the national average is two points below with 47%, followed by the desire to create a home of their own (40%), compared to 49% of the national average.

The rent is perceived as a temporary formula waiting to be able to have sufficient resources to undertake the purchase of a home.The housing in Catalonia "itemprop =" image ">

From the I Observatory of the Housing Market prepared by CENTURY21 Spain has been analyzed how is the ideal home of the Catalans. The results show that residents in Catalonia are looking for a house owned in the peripheral area of ​​the center (44%), located on a floor of a building (77%), that is second-hand but does not need refurbishment (56%) or new construction (17.3%), with a area between 51m 2 and 120m 2 (75%), having three rooms (45%) and with two bathrooms (47%), have a garage (59%), be close to shops (81%) and well connected (84%). As for the price , in the case of the purchase the available budget is 218,000 € and in the case of rent the 646 Monthly € .

Price mismatch between Offer & Demand in the Catalan market for sale

47% of housing demand is between € 100,000 and € 200,000 , with demand decreasing as the price increases. The average amount available for the purchase of a house in Catalonia is 217.995 €, which is 51,800 € above the national average, but the average price of the housing offer is € 300,147, € 59,002 above the national average. Thus, the offset between the price available to buy and the average price of the sale in Catalonia is of € 82,152.

There is a surplus of 9.3 percentage points in the demand for flats between € 100,000 and € 150,000, as well as those ranging between € 400,000 and € 700,000. On the other hand, there is a deficit of housing offer below € 100,000 of 15 percentage points.

On the other hand, 47% of residents in Catalonia claim choose to pay a part through a credit granted by a bank and 18% will use the money obtained from the sale of another house

Affordable rental housing is missing

Half of the rental demand, 50%, is concentrated on prices of up to € 600 per month, while 18% would pay between € 601 and € 700. The average price of Catalans looking for a house to rent amounts to € 646, € 87 more than the rest of the national average (€ 559). However, the average price of homes available in the Catalan market for rent is € 687, which is € 41 above.

It should be noted the excess supply (+11%) with respect to the houses that are rented between € 901 and € 1,000, also offering a wide range of homes that exceed € 1,200. On the other hand, there is no offer for those looking for a rental home whose price ranges between € 801 and € 900.

Houses in the center and the periphery, on a floor of a building and second-hand without the need for reform

7 out of 10 Catalans seeking housing they do in their current city of residence where a balance of demand is perceived both for those located in the center and in the periphery (43%), both options well ahead of the house search in the suburbs , where demand barely reaches 13%.

"The results of the report confirm the trend that the CENTURY 21 network is experiencing in the Catalan market.It is perceived, in this context, a deficit in this type of housing since the demand amounts to 77% while the supply does not reach 69%. This results in a surplus of single-family and independent properties where the offer is 24% and the demand does not exceed 14%.

On the other hand , more than half of Catalans (55%) are interested in second-hand housing that does not need reform , but, unlike the national average, there is a slightly higher demand in Catalonia for second-hand housing that requires a reform (26% vs. 21% respectively).

Houses between 51m 2 and 120m 2 , with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace and garage and close to means of transport

Three out of four Catalans who want to buy or rent look for a house whose surface oscillates between 51 m 2 and 120m 2 . 45% are interested in having 3 rooms and 48% have 2 bathrooms. In addition, 80% like to have a terrace, but the offer only reaches 63% and garage, where the offer, in this case, is slightly higher than the demand (61% vs. 59% respectively).

On the other hand, more than 80% of Catalans consider as important that housing is well connected as it is close to shops and supermarkets being less priority for they are close to sports facilities (32%) or shopping centers and leisure facilities (36%).

It should also be noted that more than 87% of Catalans interviewed, security is one of the aspects that most take into account when looking for a new home, and 7 out of 10 take into account the orientation of the home, the quality of construction materials and the cleanliness of the area.

Catalan women lead the residential buying and selling market

6 out of 10 buyers and sellers in Catalonia are > women . In the case of the purchase , the average age is between 18 and 39 years (64%) while, in the case of the sale , exceed 40 years (55%). The married and in a couple are those who move this market mostly (65% in the case of the buyer vs. 55% in the case of the seller). Regarding the number of inhabitants in the home, the families composed of 2 people are mostly those who buy the most (40%), on the contrary, those who more They sell they are families of 4 people (45%). In addition, while a quarter of the claimants have an income of between € 1,500 and € 2,500 , it should be noted that the income level of those who offer their home is slightly higher, since more than 68% is in a range of between € 1,500 and € 3,000 per month .

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