1 The results of the real estate sales interviews The results of a personal sales interview depend on the type of interview in which we are. Only in the final, its purpose is closure. In the rest, at the end, the commercial must move effectively towards the final success of the closing of the ...

Results of sales interviews

1 The results of real estate sales interviews

The results of a personal sales interview depend on the type of interview we are in. Only in the final, its purpose is closure. In the rest, at the end, the commercial must move effectively towards the final success of the closing of the operation. And it will do it with different results or endings. See the following schema:

Decisions at the end of sales interviews

  • a) If we are in an intermediate interview, it can be the previous of the following or the end of the attempted operation. In the first case, a new interview will be produced to continue talking about the operation in progress. And our concern should be to continue the relationship with an advance towards the final goal of closure. And in the second, the operation will have failed - the prospect rejects our offer or our advice. If he rejects the offer but we can continue offering other things, the bad is minor, being able to continue with another property, the sale process. But if you also reject, our work, the client has been lost and moves away from us. In a very limited number of situations, the results of the interview will follow the abandonment of the commercial of the attempted operation if it finds elements that go against your company culture.
  • b) If instead we were in the interview in which we proposed the closing of the sale, this could end successfully -if we achieved acceptance of the offer presented- or end up failing -When the offer is rejected, the offer. And in the latter, the failure could be partial - if we can continue trying to sell another property - or otherwise otherwise.

2 Results according to Rackham

After each interview there are many things to do, but an adequate routine of success requires that immediately after finishing the interview, we write down the results obtained in it. If we do not do it or we do it later, we will lose a lot of information and the overall result will be worse than what we could have achieved.

On the other hand, the different results of the sales interview lead to very subsequent actions different depending on the case. It is for these reasons that after each one we must write down what happened in it. Let's see.

The first thing we should do after an interview is to classify it, that is, to attribute to it a different quality according to what happened in it, within a set of possibilities of occurrence.

As is obvious, sales interviews can end in success or failure as they lead us to obtain the order or not; but in practice, a greater degree of detail is necessary.

Following Neil Rackham (1) the possible results after a sales interview are:

  • Order, when we get a purchase request.
  • Failure, when our offer is rejected.

When the sale does not end in Order or Failure , that is, when we are still fighting for it and more sales meetings are necessary, the interview that we just finished can end with an Advance or a Continuation.Therefore, to maximize that rate we must always finish with an advance. And for this, the last step of the intermediate interview should establish with precision:

3 The last step of the interview that prefigures the next one that will happen later

Establishing the last step requires agreeing with the potential customer:

Who It will be he or we who will take the initiative in taking the next step. That what is desirable supposes that we are the one who takes it, does not mean that an agreement with the potential client as a subject of future action is not valuable.

  • Where , or where the new meeting will be held.
  • When , or on what day, time and Time will occur.
  • Why is looking for another interview. Beyond the obvious -the purchase agreement is intended- it is possible that in the following conversation they should present certain explanations, provide different documents, wait for other events, etc.
  • Any other aspect that advances the sale towards its culmination.

Well, any indetermination regarding these agreements can only be qualified as partial failure. The interview will have been closed in false and it will only seem that we have acted well when what actually happens in these cases is that, according to Rackham , the correlation of failure with this type of continuations is very large.

Having closed the intermediate interview with a clear establishment of the last step - As we have specified, the closing of the interview should be considered as a failure of the closure. Recall the definition of closure of the cited author, which over the classical, extended - in our opinion rightly - the idea of ​​closure also to the completion of the intermediate interviews and understood the failure of the closure as not having been able to establish with the potential client , some type of agreement that could advance the sale, in each one of them, towards its completion.

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