We finished the previous postcard saying that it was not sensible or effective or economical to accept any feedback that reached our doors and that, precisely, we had a resource-the feedback filter-so that only the pertinent information for us enters our System. a) You have to capture (many) real estate per month! By cooo ... nter ...

Importance of Capture Filtering

We would finish the previous postcard , saying that it was not sensible or effective or economical to accept any feedback that arrived at our doors and that we had precisely one resource-the feedback filter-so that only the relevant information for us enter our System.

a) You have to capture (many) properties per month! By cooo ... nter, of course (1)

I hope you did not think when reading the previous paragraph something like this: But how can we miss a single operation, this is not against The reasonable thesis that our business is to obtain profits derived from the agreement between clients? Only when there is agreement between third parties, do we win? Is it not true that the more operations we intermediate, the better?

No, not always It's like this . There are certain times for companies and certain situations of inexperienced sellers in which that is sought, it is true, but the negative results end up defeating them. This is the case, for example, of properties with a sale value outside the market price or operations in which they work without exclusive or without written order and with little or no relationship with the seller or the buyer; in these cases, the percentage of failures in the sale is very high. And for this reason, almost all the efforts that are spent on them are wasted without benefit.

That is to say that, a posteriori, we realize that in those operations we have incurred excessive costs when we had a weak probability of success. And so, in many sales, the failure is explained by a malpractice in the execution of the recruitment.

On the contrary, the experience indicates that the sustained success of an organization like ours is based on the adequate qualification of the operations, of the owners and of the purchasers presented to us. That means that of all the operations that they request, we will only have to attend to a few, and the rest must be rejected. From this selection function, the filtering system filter of our companies is precisely commissioned. And its justification is the increase in the success rates of our sales.

The filter is located on the border of our Real Estate collection system, allowing access to some operations and denying them to others. (2) (3) (4)

b) The importance of the filter

Almost no need to insist on the importance of a procedure that will rule out our intervention in some operations, but consistent with our business orientation, we must do it, if only to justify the apparent contradiction that has been expressed in a previous paragraph.

Let's see how there is no contradiction real among the advice we have given, from:

1 Try to make as many operations as possible, that is, how many more better, and

2 Select, from agreements with certain criteria the operations in which we intervene given that at the top of our orientation are the gains as we have said, and these are sometimes derived, fundamentally, from a few operations. In fact, it is very likely that from the great mass of operations that we carry out each year it can be said that a few provide most of the annual profit, while the rest, the majority, obtain the least part of the annual gain.And an efficient design and adaptation task, as well as an efficient use of this procedure. So, if you always " have to have the sharp tools, this one of the qualification, must enjoy an exceptional cut."

c ) A property portfolio ... compensated

The last aspect of the definition of the Capacity that we are explaining, says: CE1.3 Differentiate the characteristics and criteria commonly used for the selection of a property portfolio compensated . (5)

Compensated does not mean that, in relation to properties already captured, in the agency there is a little bit of everything or that nothing is needed. On the contrary, Compensated , balanced, means here adapted, conditioned, subordinated, according to, etc., the effective demand that we have at a certain time and place, in the agency. It is useless to capture what we do not have demand for, therefore, the Collection of Real Estate is subordinated to the demand. Note that in some cases the demand can be monothematic - our demand can be for second-hand housing (95%) and in a small fraction of the 1st, for example. If that were the composition of our portfolio, in this case, the real estate portfolio would be compensated despite the lack of proportion between new and second-hand homes. The compensation referred to is external wing -between real estate defendants and property captured, and not internal, between real estate of different nature.

I say goodbye, stay healthy and accept that your agency is not a local All for sale but a qualified quality real estate establishment. It will be better!

Miguel Villarroya Martín, January 14, 2016/Madrid. Spain/ventasgrandes.net/PyC.006


(1) The address by objectives has shown its effectiveness, so it is not criticized to impose recruitment objectives. What is warned here is the danger that can exist when imposing quotas -number of deposits without explaining well that it is preferable not to comply with them by introducing into our system, low-quality deposits of custom or difficult to market.

(2) Taken from our text: Information in the world of Real Estate Agencies. UCI Madrid 2001.

(3) There are other filtering models. We will show one that has three outputs: ACCEPTED, SUPPORTED, and REJECTED, in a postcard later.

(4) See our previous postcard entitled: The Filtering of Our Attraction Actions

(5) See postcard titled: The Qualification of Real Estate Tracking Operations

(6) The presented image is an update of another one that we publish in the book indicated.

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