At least 90% of buyers go to the Internet in search of their home, which means that the first thing they will see of a property will be the photographs. The quality of these will directly influence the perception and decision of potential buyers.

Bases of the photographic composition: 6 Tricks to obtain better photographs of buildings

At least 90% of buyers visit the Internet in search of their home, which means that the first thing they will see of a property will be the photographs. The quality of these will directly influence the perception and decision of potential buyers. If photographs attract your attention, they will be interested in housing, which is why it is so important to obtain good photographs of real estate in order to attract attention.

By learning a series of basic rules about composition, we can obtain better Photographs. In this article we will study some of the main bases of photographic composition and what effects they have on the images.

The Rule of the Thirds

This is one of the most basic rules of composition. Once its operation is understood, the photographs taken improve considerably.

It consists of dividing the image into 9 equal parts by means of 2 horizontal lines and two vertical lines. At its intersections, points of interest are formed and that is where the main objects should be placed (in this case, it is not the center of the image that has the most interest).

This grid can be activated in the camera at the time of taking the photograph or later in an editing program to fit the image well.

Let's observe in the following image how this rule has been applied. There are three points of interest that match objects in the room (lamp, pictures and sofa). In the fourth point there is nothing. In this case a feeling of emptiness is created. Let's also look at how the objects in the foreground do not go beyond the third of the image and that the window is almost square in the center.

Taking this grid as a base, we will get a good frame.


Symmetry is always pleasing to the eye and can be used in different ways. It transmits balance , as if the weight is equally distributed on both sides of the image if we divide it by the center.

In this image, almost perfect symmetry has been achieved. The elements and spaces on each side are shared equally on both sides.

Horizon Line

This concept is closely related to symmetry. In this case, the horizon line helps us to divide the composition into two distinct parts : the sky and the rest of the elements.

The horizon line should never be on the horizon. center.In contrast, we have the wall and the white furniture, whose surface is smooth.

A contrast is created in this way that enriches the image.

Knowing these basic rules and practicing photography we will be able to obtain good images, which is essential to show a property if we are talking about the real estate sector.

A new resource to take advantage of photographs: The Virtual Homestaging

Una Photograph of an unfurnished home can become a more attractive image if we teach the interested party a virtual example of home decoration, which can be done through some existing programs.

An interactive image of before and after will be displayed.


The virtual decorations allow the buyer to see a price table of reforms and different decoration options can be applied in the same space.

This resource can have a great impact on the client.

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