SSL Certificates Secure and trusted pages SSL certificates are necessary for any website that handles confidential information, as it will guarantee the security of data transmission when encrypted. What are SSL certificates and what is their function SSL is the acronym of the abbreviations in English «Secure Socket Layer» (or ...

As of 2017, all websites must have installed the SSL certificate in order not to be penalized by Google

SSL Certificates Secure and Trusted Pages

SSL certificates are necessary for any website that handles confidential information, as it will guarantee the security of data transmission when encrypted.

What are SSL certificates and what their function is
SSL is the acronym for the English acronym « Secure Socket Layer » (or «secure ports layer» ), a security protocol for encrypting communications between a web server and the web browser of the person who enters that web.

This reduces the risk of data being stolen by the user. the network, such as the personal data of the forms, the credit card numbers ... etc.

The SSL protocols have two functions:

  1. Encrypt information: all the data that is common ican via internet, between the web and the user (or vice versa) are encrypted using a security key of 128 bits in length.
  2. Authenticate the identity: the SSL certificate will give us the guarantee that the website is not false since the issuance of the certificate is like an electronic signature that proves the identity and credentials of the website.

How do we know that a website has the SSL certificate?

In a very simple way, we can check if a web has the SSL protocol installed:

  1. Prefix of the URL: In the url of the browser, instead of appearing http , the web address will be
  2. Lock icon : normally on the left from the url, depending on the browser, a padlock will appear.
  3. A trusted seal . In some websites if you wish you can put a stamp, which will link to the certifying company.
  4. Green address bar. Some browsers change the color of the address bar if it is SSL or not.

Types of SSL Certificates and who issues them?

There are many types of security certificates on the internet, according to certain characteristics, such as the desired use of it, validation degrees, web domain names or sub-domains, guarantee types, traffic ... etc.

Who issues and renews SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificates can only be issued by certification authorities (CA), which have the official permissions to certify requests, verify them and maintain reports on the status of issued certificates.

Each authority issues a « Certification Practice Statement » or declaratory certificate (CPS) where the verification procedures are established. There is a large number of private and public certifiers.Also Mozilla Firefox has started tagging sites with HTTPS security certificate as secure, showing a green mark or a gray mark if they are not secure, visible in the address bar.

This "Not sure" label will be displayed on any page of your site that contains a form where passwords or payment credentials are requested, such as credit card numbers.

Also more and more platforms require to have the certificate, to operate with them, for example Facebook requires for integration with its platform, that the domains are under the Htpps environment, such as the utility of adding real estate search engines.

How does it affect the positioning and profitability of my website?

Very negatively, due to two factors: First, because there will be more and more Internet users, that will abandon our web, by the safety warnings of the browsers.

And second, p orque the increase of the rate of rebound (abandonment) of the web and the times of permanence in the same, will affect in the traffic, which will be reflected in a loss of positions in the SERP (pages of results in the search engine) .

In short, with this measure Google materializes the notices that it has been giving on the need for a website to be secure, and that having the SSL certificate is going to be a decisive factor in the ranking of the search engine.

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