For a long time, the real estate sector has moved in a similar way: the seller announces the property and the buyer looks for offers and visits those that are of interest according to the price and their needs. One of the most notable innovations was the arrival of real estate portals that, since they appeared, have ...

VR 360 in real estate. The revolution is here

For a long time, the real estate sector has moved in a similar way: the seller announces the property and the buyer looks for offers and visits those that are of interest according to the price and their needs.

One of the The most notable innovations were the arrival of the real estate portals that, since they appeared, have facilitated the tasks of both parties, although it did not imply a big change in the way of business. However, now we can find a new tool that is breaking with force in many sectors, and also in the one that concerns us: The Virtual Reality.

This type of innovations are not common in the sector, but despite the crisis has decided to adapt to the great steps that gives the technology.

The Virtual Reality is a great innovation for agencies. Thanks to the similarity to reality that this resource is able to offer, agencies can provide customers with a much more complete experience through the VR 360 glasses that the which can provide viewing of the classic photographs or standard videos. In addition, the agent can count on a platform from which to offer the possibility of producing, hosting and managing 360 videos of the properties.

Thanks to the use of the VR 360 glasses , the client has the possibility of visiting a property from the agency's own office or from your house in a totally immersive experience, having the opportunity to see those parts that most interest you of the property, being able to go through it without haste and without transfers and without losing areas or angles that were not previously reflected in the 2D photographs, looking in any direction and not only where the camera is pointing. Moreover, this complete experience helps the client make decisions regarding the purchase or rental of the home, as it can notice sensations such as spaciousness, comfort or lighting. In addition, Virtual Reality even allows to show the recreation of a property on a plane, still non-existent, and also to be "visited".

Virtual Reality is also becoming a great marketing strategy , being a very attractive, innovative and differentiating resource.

Some professionals believe that it is a very useful tool for holiday rentals, since you could hire the desired property without leaving the destination. The same applies to foreign agencies that want to show properties to their clients or real estate consultancies.


1 Saving time.

As much for the agencies as for the clients. Since the buildings can be viewed from the office in such an immersive way, it is not necessary to travel and each home can be visited in several minutes. It also helps to make decisions.

2 A complete and novel advice.

Agencies can offer the client a complete immersion experience from the office.

3 Generates impact on customers.

Being such a novel resource, customers welcome this tool very well and with some degree of surprise and admiration.In addition, the cost of Virtual Reality can be based on the approach of each company that uses it, there is a wide range of brands that enhance the product.

This new feature is already within the reach of any user and in the market there are several options of 360 degree cameras for the creation of videos. That the agency has a VR 360 camera and glasses can make a big difference from its competitors.

Here are some guidelines on what to take into account when buying a camera 360 degrees:

What to look for in a camera 360 degrees?

  • Rather than focusing on the number of lenses, it is necessary to look for the best features with respect to to the diaphragm, shutter and the ISO range.
  • Good image resolution, which is defined by the number of pixels.
  • High number of frames per second.
  • Large storage capacity and having an SD card slot.
  • Sufficient battery capacity.

Regarding brands, depending on the model and the amount, the device can offer certain features.In a few minutes, a client can see with the Virtual Reality glasses several homes and select the one that interests him most. This makes it easier for the real estate agent to make sure what their preferences are for better advice. Customers have to show a lot of interest in trying this new resource.

However, not all real estate can be shown through Virtual Reality due to the characteristics they present, whether they are poorly lit homes or rooms reduced. In addition, we must take into account the expectations when visiting the home after the virtual sample, since, according to the production of the RV, the house that will be visited later may be better or worse than expected by the client.

Examples of Virtual Reality visits

It is clear that technology is advancing at a resounding speed and we are constantly witnessing innovations and possibilities that it brings practically to any sector. The real estate companies have the possibility of implementing these new resources in their line of business and more and more are using Virtual Reality to present their properties.

Spain has a good global positioning in terms of Virtual Reality , together with the United States and Mexico. According to Virtualware, our country has some incredible Virtual Reality developers, so you should not stay behind in this matter, since it has the technological capabilities and the means for them.

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