In such a competitive sector, as it is the one that concerns us, it is essential to be aware of some techniques or ideas to apply to the real estate marketing itself. This will help us achieve our goals and be at the height of such competition. But first let's caution that you have to be careful not to confuse the ...

5 Ideas to apply to real estate marketing

In such a competitive sector, as it is the one that concerns us, it is essential to be aware of some techniques or ideas to apply to the real estate marketing itself. This will help us to reach our goals and be at the height of such competition.

But first we warn that we must be careful to not confuse real estate marketing with real estate sales . The first one is applied before to be able to later sell the real estate more efficiently and it refers to the resources or activities that the agency or the agent carries out to attract future clients from a suitable marketing campaign.

Having said that, here are some techniques or ideas:

Make the most of the office or premises.

Although the Internet is taking a lot of weight when it comes to carrying out promotions, the location or the office of the agency can also become a powerful tool.

Let's start from the outside of the same: When the office is in the street, some curious people will stop to observe the premises for different reasons. If we take advantage of the window, we can attract the attention of potential customers. For example, a very useful resource may be to install a virtual showcase , which consists of a screen or monitor where the most prominent properties of the company are displayed. They can even be touch screens in which the visitor is allowed to interact. Another idea is to leave a stand with advertising brochures outside so that you can take our contact information home.

On the other hand, the interior of the office must also be taken advantage of. Especially the waiting room. When we are in a waiting room for a while we tend to observe what is around us, even out of boredom. This is the perfect place to offer advertising: brochures, magazines, information posters on the walls ... At the end you end up reading some of them.

Pay close attention to customers.

Although marketing is mainly focused on getting new customers, do not forget the old ones. You have to take care of them all.

Every company has a database of contacts of registered customers and this can be quite extensive. Among those contacts you can find customers who have made a purchase, but that does not mean you have to forget that contact. It is possible to maintain a slight relationship with them, such as sending them information of interest with certain frequency or inviting them to follow the social networks of the company.

On the other hand, a good detail for the clients, both ancient as potentials, is to grant them some advertising gift that they can take home or take with them (pens, key rings, etc). In this way it is very likely that your acquaintances see the brand of our company and this is another form of advertising.

Finally, another important thing is not to give a customer for lost. Although it has gone with the competition, it does not hurt to keep it in mind, because at some point you can have interest in us again. You never know.

Take advantage of new technologies: Internet and social networks

As we have commented in other articles, taking advantage of the options offered by the network is essential for any company or real estate agent.Creating a good profile in the main social networks to be in contact with customers and maintain presence creating content of interest is also essential. Knowing how to present a advertisement for a property in order to post it on real estate portals and be able to attract the attention of customers is another great advantage. And resorting to innovative techniques such as Real Estate Video Marketing will help highlight.

Above all, we have previous articles. This is their relationship to see the issue in more depth:

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Advertising offline

To take advantage of offline advertising it is necessary to know well the area where the real estate company is located, its environment. In this way you can locate the places of interest or the most crowded and that is where you should carry physical advertising. In addition, it is possible to reach agreements with commercial establishments to create some type of event that benefits both and attracts clientele.

La creativity and originality

This is a more abstract point, but no less important. Whenever you start an advertising campaign it is important to use your imagination to look for ideas and, if they are feasible, carry them out. Sometimes striking and original ideas can become a good resource to let us know and can apply both to the world online and offline .

Taking into account account these sections, it is possible to carry out an advertising campaign of interest and success is assured if you work on it with perseverance and perseverance. Let's always take advantage of the resources that we have around us.

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