In order to increase the supply of rent and stop the rise that is occurring in its price, the Ministry of Public Works will promote 20,000 homes for rental for the next 6 years. Minister Jose Luis Ábalo has announced a plan to promote this initiative. The houses will be used for rent ...

Development will build 20,000 social housing to contain the "boom" of rents

In order to increase the rental offer and stop the rise that is taking place in its price, the Ministry of Public Works will promote 20,000 housing for rent for the next 6 years.

Minister Jose Luis Aballo has announced a plan to promote this initiative. The houses will be allocated to rent indefinitely with rents and limited prices and will be built in areas where the rental price is quite high.


According to the minister, to start a new policy on this matter, an interministerial working group has been formed with the aim of analyzing urgent measures , whose training has been approved by the Government's Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs. .

These measures are designed to stop the increase in rental prices, since they have increased by 50% in large cities in recent years. This is due to the reactivation of the real estate sector and the incursion of tourist rentals.

In addition, the Ministry will study, together with the autonomous communities and municipalities, which are the most appropriate soils for the construction of the park of housing.

Other housing plans

Other proposals that have been announced are rethinking the Housing Plan 2018-2021 , already approved and mediate with Sareb so that the bad bank contributes to provide housing for rent.

Tax changes are also foreseen to incentivize the housing rental market. As well as a reform in the legislation regarding the rights of the landlord and tenant and the rental contracts.

Finally, the experts have valued positively the measure on housing construction

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