Facebook is the social network where most people and companies are. Its management will require an effort, since to keep it active, we must share useful, diverse and quality content. Facebook is the most widespread social network, with more than one billion users. We all know the "like" or the "share", ...

Social networks for real estate: Facebook

Facebook is the social network where most people and companies are. Its management will require an effort, because to keep it active, we must share useful, diverse and quality content.

Facebook is the most extensive social network , with more than one billion of users. We all know the " I like it " or the " share ", as well as the multiple features available to it that make it "suitable for all audiences". Maybe that's where your undoubted acceptance lies.

Facebook can be used in two ways: as user and as Fan Page.

By creating a company page (the most recommended), it is possible to establish long-term relationships with potential clients and create an interactive community among users where everyone can participate, contribute and share. These pages are public and indexed in search engines (that is, they appear in Google search results and the rest).

What content to publish on Facebook?

In the following image, we can see the main characteristics of the publications on Facebook, also applicable to other networks.

In real estate publications it is very important to take care of the text of the content and photographs. The text must be clear and direct , the quality photographs and the publication must be always linked to the property listing . The users will be able to comment on the publication, indicate if they like it and share it, which will give it greater diffusion. That is why it is important to take care of the publications.

In the NEWS FOR YOUR WEB section of INMONEWS we can find a selection of neutral news to share them in the social networks of your real estate.


Real estate on Facebook

The real estate software InmoPC has a service that allows you to publish a direct link within the page of the agency's Facebook page (IMMEDIATE tab), of all our real estate offer, for quick and direct access of all our followers.


How to attract new fans? span>

If we do not have many followers, the scope of our publications will be limited, so the first thing we have to do is get new followers, in addition to the existing techniques, Facebook allows us to contract ads , for which we must select the profile of the client we want to reach, define the desired geographical area and also insert keywords such as "Sale of apartments in Nervión".

Be a leader in your area, create an opinion, create groups

This network will allow us to participate with other users in specific groups of the sector, contributing our knowledge, being visible and attracting new users to our profile.

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