The success of the presence in social networks is directly proportional to the number of followers you have, as they will be the means to spread your messages and keep growing in followers. Content1 Professional and updated networks2 Capture your clients in the office3 Traditional advertising4 Advertising ads5 Where do I advertise? Professional networks and ...

Social networks for real estate: Catching followers

The success of the presence in social networks is directly proportional to the number of followers you have, as they will be the means to spread your messages and keep growing in followers.

Professional and up-to-date networks

Achieving quality and interest networks will allow, in a short time, new followers to appear, which in turn attract others , that is why it is essential to always have the updated networks and with contents of quality and interest.

Catch your clients in the office

Perform proce You are getting followers in the direct deal with the client , explaining the advantages of following you on the networks, such as special promotions, new information, real estate bargains ...

Also through the use of corporate emails, with links to networks and attractive messages like "Follow us on the networks"

Traditional advertising

Let's not forget in any signage, diptych, magazine ... include the logos of our networks and the message "Follow us on the networks" . Many out of curiosity will enter and some will stay.


Almost all social networks we they will allow us to make advertisements, which direct users to our profile, where we will have to build loyalty with the quality of the content. When contracting the ad, we must take into account:

  • Selection of the Target: We must clearly define our type of client, for example if it is for housing, for premises, for luxury real estate, the type of operation we want to promote, if it is sale or rent ... etc.
  • Selection Geographical area: We can define the search by location. If we are looking for local or international clients. Facebook will allow us to even locate by postal code, very useful if we work specific neighborhoods with large rotations, such as the rental market.
  • Define the keywords: Based on the Target, you must decide the keywords or search by which they will find you, for example "Sale of apartments in Nervión"

Where do I advertise? According to the network, will give you the ability to publish the ad in a certain way They can be promoted from our publications to our agency page.

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