It seems that if! There are several methods to achieve happiness through order at home and it is also a way of contributing to mental order, there being a close relationship between the order of our mind and order in the home. Let's look at some of those methods: Contents1 1 Konmari2 Method 2 Dan-sha-ri3 Method ...

Does the order at home influence the mood?

It seems that if! There are several methods to achieve happiness through order at home and it is also a way of contributing to the mental order, there being a close relationship between the order of our mind and order in the home.

Let's look at some of those methods:

1 Konmari Method

Marie Kondo, a thirty-something Japanese woman who has already sold more than 5 million copies of her manual "The magic of order", believes that the first step to achieve happiness is to have the house tidy . What makes her method really revolutionary is her philosophy : she believes that the world looks different when we put all our things in place and perceive everything more clearly (both our belongings and the rest of affairs). From this point of view, we can easily distinguish what is really necessary and what is not.

Your system has several fundamental keys:

-Order garments by categories. Room by room is not ordered. The objects are ordered in this order: clothes, books, papers, various objects and finally, valuable belongings, gathering in one place the objects of the same category. In this way, we will be aware of the volume of things we have and be able to discard what we do not use or have repeated.

-Select what produces "happiness". Keep only the clothes that give us joy. Ask us what we will use again and what will not. Do not waste time or space with the second.

-Classify. When we decide what we have left, we have to classify it as we think convenient and organize it. Resorting to empty boxes and learning to fold clothes so that they occupy less space are very useful tips.

-Order little by little and maintain that order day by day. Of doing marathons of order, the rebound effect will cause unhappiness.

2 Method Dan-sha -ri

Once again, a Japanese author, in this case, Hideko Yamashita, shows us in her book a philosophy associated with order. In this case the title is 'Dan-sha-ri': Order your life and refers to both the personal terrain and the home, starting from the idea that getting rid of everything useless ( either a souvenir or old clothes) we will achieve a state of peace with ourselves. "Dan-sha-ri is to know oneself through order, through things, thanks to a technique that facilitates life after ending the chaos of our heart, "said the author.

The three instances to implement this method are:

1. Da: implies closing the passage to unnecessary things that try to enter our life.

  1. Sha : it is based on throwing those elements that flood our house that we do not use or need to have.
  2. Ri ​​: it is the final instance and shows the great transformation. It consists of the path towards an unattached self that lives in a space without restrictions, in a relaxed atmosphere.

3 Other methods by different authors h

- María Gallay: The order is kept alone.

This describes your method.He confesses to "suffer" an obsession with symmetry and functionality since childhood, a question he has channeled helping his clients to solve the disorder and create practical systems to take advantage of space and time.

Search guarantee efficiency and productivity, avoiding wasting time and space.

- Cloti Martínez Peinado de Reorganizarte.

Offers a service of coach, guide, design and professional organization of dressing rooms and spaces. Affirms:

"My job is to guide you through a new path of harmony that leads you to get rid of what you do not need , to move towards a relaxed attitude that allow to manage the space and be able to control it. My talent is to find lost space where it seems not to have it and to impose control where the daily chaos reigns. Not only will it increase the value of your home, but it will open a new way of being, managing your life and freeing space in your mind and your energy. "

- Adelaida Gómez: Order is not magic.

Adelaida Gómez de Orden Studio says: " No magic method that works 100% with the generality of the people. "According to her, the order must be adapted to each individual and vital moment. There are no magic formulas. "There are guidelines and some practical tricks, but the most effective is experience and common sense."

As we have seen throughout this article, and although we have mentioned only some of them, there are many authors who believe that order in the home transcends the mental and personal order, focusing order in the home as a metaphor of our own life , based on a philosophy whose purpose is happiness and harmony.

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