Real estate is losing value as time passes, which is a great inconvenience for the owner who wants to sell the house. However, there is the possibility of making reforms so that the property is revalued. And if, with these arrangements, insulation and energy efficiency are improved, the investment ...

Reforms: Revaluation of a home

Reforms: Revaluation of a home

Properties are losing value as time passes, which is a great inconvenience for the owner who wants to sell the house.

However, there is the possibility of carrying out reforms so that the property revalues ​​. And if these arrangements also improve insulation and energy efficiency, the investment made will be compensated.

It is estimated that the house could be revalued between 10 and 20% after reforms.

But the first thing we must do is establish a budget with which you can get a profit margin according to which the reforms will be applied. In this way, is considered an average renovation that one in which the bathrooms, the kitchen have been renovated, the walls have been painted and the floor has been fixed

Next We will see this type of reforms and some others:

Reform of the kitchen

If the investment is reduced, it will be sufficient to paint the tiles and furniture. With a bigger budget, you can change the appliances and improve the lighting. Currently there is a tendency to open the kitchens to the living room totally or partially.

Reform of the bathroom

One of the most efficient reforms is to replace the bathtub with a shower, both to modernize the bathroom and for safety reasons. The water facilities must also be renewed and the toilets, floors and walls changed, according to the budget and the need.

Paint walls and fix floors

Clean and freshly painted walls make a very good impression. You can change the colors according to the trend of the moment or get effects according to the color. For example, use light colors in dark spaces to gain amplitude.

Soil is also fundamental. If it is not possible to recover it or is damaged, you can place a floating floor or laminate flooring that imitates wood, stone or ceramic without lifting the old floor.


With these changes we would have already carried out an average reform, the result of which may vary according to the budget. But we would have the main areas of housing in good condition. If we have more budget, these are other arrangements and reforms that also revalue the property:

Close the terrace

Close the terrace and incorporate it into the home, revalue it because it enlarges the useful space.Its installation is subsidized, although this type of works depends on the community.

In the cases that are possible, the construction of ramps that facilitate access or leave wide spaces will be another advantage when it comes to increasing the house price.

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