a) What is meant by qualification of real estate acquisition operations. In the dictionaries of common use we find that the Qualification is the action and the result of qualifying. And To qualify is to attribute to a fact or object a certain value within a scale of measurement. That is, the fact or event ...

Qualification of real estate collection operations

Qualification of real estate collection operations

a) What is meant by qualification of property acquisition operations.

In commonly used dictionaries we find that the Rating is the action and the result of rating. And To qualify is to attribute to a fact or object a certain value within a scale of measurement. That is, the event or event is measured in some way and its value is expressed unequivocally.

We could say that the Qualification of a property is that judgment that we establish on it, expressing a denomination or a score, that represents the value that for us has, based on certain criteria of analysis.

Accepting, achieving, obtaining an order for the sale of an owner involves a previous exercise by the collector by which the property it has been considered suitable -desirable- to be part of our property portfolio.

Qualification of real estate collection operations

Location of the Grading Operations Qualification

b) Where is this topic within a certificate of professionalism.

A reasonable doubt when studying any topic is to know the relationship with the rest of knowledge to acquire. On this matter, in the Certificate of Professionalism, we find -in the Training Module MF0810_3 Real Estate Collection and Prospecting-, the following Capacity: C1: Determine the real estate portfolio by applying prospecting techniques and direct marketing actions for the location of real estate in different territories or areas of real estate activity. A long paragraph that could be summarized with a certain inaccuracy in: the agent must know how to properly build their real estate portfolio.

Qualification of real estate collection operations

Official origin of the Qualification of Capture operations

This will be achieved by acquiring a series of specific skills or abilities, which in our case are eight, one of which requires precisely that we know: CE1.3 Differentiate the characteristic and criteria commonly used for the selection of a compensated property portfolio.

It is therefore required that for the specific purpose indicated: achieve a compensated property portfolio for its commercialization , the real estate commercial knows how to effectively differentiate, understand and use the selection criteria of real estate , usually used for it.

In addition, in the Contents part that accompanies the description of the Training Module, it is indicated that among the > Prospecting techniques and location of real estate should be apprehended both its concept ( nature ) and its purposes ( ends ) and all this will be achieved by knowing the different systems or filtering methods of the operations that are presented to us.

In successive postcards It's this matter in a lot of detail. Meanwhile, ask yourself how important you are to the filtering techniques in your agency and what do you think is the one that is given to you in general, within the sector of real estate brokerage in Spain.

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Miguel Villarroya Martín, to January 11, 2016/Madrid. Spain/ventasgrandes.net/PyC.004


(1) The text of the Certificate of our sector of real estate management can be found in the BOE.(The text occupies 346 pages of the BOE.)

(2) The images presented are made by me, with the help of the Microsoft Word forms and the text of the BOE. The reasonable thing is therefore his immediate pass to Public Domain. Fact, given the good education in our real estate sector, will not prevent that if they are used by third parties, be warned of my authorship, although it is not mandatory.

(3) The following text of this series is titula: THE FILTRATION OF OUR CAPTATION ACTIONS

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