Both at the level of saving for the family and to take care of the environment, energy saving is a fundamental concept. For these reasons, we must all be aware of responsible consumption. Here are some ideas to save energy in our homes. Content1 Electricity2 Lighting3 Appliances4 Air conditioning and heating5 Temperature and Insulation6 ...

Guidelines for saving energy at home

Guidelines for saving energy at home

Both at the level of saving for the family and to take care of the environment the energy saving is a fundamental concept. For these reasons, we must all be aware of responsible consumption.

Here are some ideas to save energy in our homes.


Having adjusted the contracted power to the minimum necessary is very important, since in this way we will only spend what we need and in addition it can be reduced in the consumption of the electrical appliances :

-Disconnecting the stand-by from all appliances. It is what is called silent consumption. They are devices that are not turned on but not turned off.

- Unplugging the devices whenever possible (computer, television, laptops ...)

- Unplugging the chargers when they are not in use.

We can also bet on tariffs with time discrimination.


The first step to save money Lighting is to make the most of natural light when we are at home. And as for the electric light , we recommend using LED or low consumption bulbs. Remember to turn off the lights in empty rooms (light accounts for 20% of the energy expenditure in most homes).

One trick is to analyze the lighting needs of the rooms and adapt them according to them. For example, applying light colors on ceilings, walls, curtains and blinds to ensure more brightness.


Using appliances maximum efficiency and making a measured use of household appliances in general, we will achieve significant savings. To do this, you can, for example:

-Place the refrigerator in a cool and ventilated place, avoid constantly opening and closing the doors and do not introduce hot food into it.

-Put the washing machine at full load.

-Put short programs in the dishwasher.

-Avoid the hair dryer.

-Out the oven before finish the preparation of the dish, taking advantage of the accumulated heat.

Air conditioning and heating

Regulate the consumption and temperature of the appliances Cooling also makes a noticeable difference in savings. A reasonable temperature to keep in the house oscillates between 19 and 21 degrees and a little lower in the bedrooms.

Experts recommend regulating the heating at a constant temperature of 20 degrees in winter and air conditioning between 24 and 26 degrees in summer, as well as cleaning the filters frequently.

When we are not at home it is not convenient to leave the heating or the air conditioning on and it should turn off twenty minutes before leaving the house.

Temperature and Insulation

Both cold and heat are transmitted through the windows and floors. Curtains and carpets, as well as decorative objects, can help to save energy, for example, keeping the heat during the winter.

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