A short time ago, in a course of Prospecting and Real Estate Collection that, within the program of Professional Real Estate Certification, the Spanish employers AEGI (1) carried out in the first part of the year 2015, the subject of the psychological preparation of the real estate commercial agent arose, before leaving for an Real Estate Collection Interview. And there …

Collection of Real Estate: The Energy Bank

Collection of Real Estate: The Energy Bank

Recently, in a course of Prospecting and Real Estate Collection that, within the Professional Real Estate Certification program, the Spanish employers AEGI ( 1) carried out in the first part of the year 2015, the subject of the psychological preparation of the real estate commercial agent arose, before leaving to an Interview of Real Estate Collection. And there arose the following questions:

Is it necessary that the seller is specially prepared for that moment? ... Or should go to the interview without a special preparation?

No doubt you should do it, because every attempt to capture matters. For that reason, and as our performance as commercials must be impeccable, before going out to capture, we must adequately prepare ourselves for it. (2)

In our case the Preparation phase (3) consists of two parts:

  1. The psychological >, that deals with the verification of the mood of the commercial, and
  2. The material , which is related to the tools that should accompany it in the acquisition of the property.

From the first one, under the label of Energy Bank , let's try today. And of the second, we will do it in another occasion, with the name of The Backpack of the Uptake .

Almost all the books of sale pass over this phase. It seems that everyone assumes that the seller is always at a moment in a splendid way. But we also have to reflect on what you should do when your form, your mental attitude, is nothing short of painful.

What should the seller if he is "low moral" and yet must attend the work appointment?

(Exclude, of course, the case of psychological illness whose treatment requires expert medical help.)

You have three basic options:

  1. Leave, until your condition recovers and you can do the job well under the best conditions.
  2. Go to the appointment, in the bad psychological conditions indicated.
  3. Trying to recover an acceptable state of readiness or encouragement to arrive at the recruitment interview in good condition. This is a much more difficult option than the previous two but it is precisely this one that we are going to describe here.

Diagram of Decision before going out to Capture an Property

But how to do it ? How do you recover from a poor psychological state?

In this regard, to deal with the punctual decay of the sensor and prevent them from going to to do their job of collectors in poor psychological conditions, the sellers should, before going to the Capture, examine their state of mind first, to see how they are. And nothing better for this than using a checklist of that same state.

"In the checklist prior to the recruitment interview, when the collector reaches this section should be briefly examined to check "the state of the levels of your psychological fluids": How am I today? How I feel? Do I realize the valuable opportunity that this recruitment means?(The equivalent of external examination, cleaning of the car body, the condition of your tires, the status of the light pilots, etc., will be examined in the next point.) Normally, just as no one gets on the road without oil or enough gasoline, nobody therefore, must go out to get without the "internal fuel" necessary. But since sometimes we are really without them, you have to go to a gas station and refuel . "

If the result of the analysis is reasonably good, you will only have spent a few moments doing it but there will not be lost, because it will have obtained the knowledge that everything is going well, that everything is going the best that can go.

But ... what to do when the test is negative and the commercial is "low" moral? "Or without prior analysis, what to do when one feels bad before going to work?

" It is found that the phenomenon of punctual decline of the seller is very frequent. But nothing should worry about that fact except going out on the road-going to see the prospect-without enough energy. If in the previous test we detected very low levels of energy or available fluids, the solution is clear. You have to upload them! "

The Energy Bank or the psychological gas station of the seller.

"The Energy Bank is a resource that allows us to maintain high motivation to perform a high quality work and, as a consequence, it facilitates both an appropriate mental attitude and the perseverance we need for our work ".

The Energy Bank is a spiritual gas station that restores our attitude to adequate levels.

There are other Banks of Energy in which to refuel - the religious or the chemical are the most widespread - but here we are only going to talk about the "secular and psychological", the only one that can be used by all kinds of vendors.

This resource can take different forms but its aspect is that of an instruction manual to perform tasks, a book of thought intos, a text of meditations, etc.

There are many texts that we can go to and some of them are available digitally. But it would be a mistake to suppose that there is ONE book that dominates others, in this aspect. On the contrary, the best energy banks are those that the seller composes for himself, extracting from all his sources of reading those reflections, situations, aphorisms that "hit" him especially and positively.

It is about collecting and keep orderly everything that the reader considers as stimulating. Keeping them for later.

"The Energy Bank is composed of a series of sections, because, as in the simile of the car we are using, we need different types of substances: water, oil , gasoline, electricity, air, etc., same happens here. The Bank may have different sections with very different materials but they are all necessary for you to function well.

Let's take a look at some of the fuel tanks you will need:

Quotes, thoughts and text fragments of various classic and modern authors about what is generically known as self-help literature and overcoming, that we have been able to read, that we have left a mark, and whose rereading makes us feel good.

2 A set of quotes commented by the same author who develops broadly stimulating ideas.Your daily reading will be one of the greatest levers of motivation that exists. There is nothing like success to deal with the punctual punishments that can happen to us! "

And this collection of" power papers "can lift our spirits up to a level that allows us to go better willing to capture the property, which would go without having refueled before.

The above explanation leads inevitably to the question:

And where can I get one of those Energy Banks?

 Cover of the Editorial DIANA edition

Also in the training course In person that we have commented, this happened and some students asked me for a book that would help them. And I recommended one of the ones I like the most, precisely the Italian-American Augustine (Og) Mandino entitled: The world's biggest seller (3) . A text for sellers and, in general, entrepreneurs, of enormous efficiency in the preparation and maintenance of a proper psychological attitude of the seller.

From this text we will present a review in a following postcard.

This can be the basis of the manual that you should prepare specifically with the contents indicated above. But no doubt this excellent text will help you do it.

A Energy Bank is a delicious pantry.

As in the pantries and refrigerators we keep food to consume when we are hungry, the Energy Bank we use it when we feel that our mental attitude decays, when negative feelings take hold of us and we begin to doubt, fear, distress, etc. At the first symptoms we must go to the Own Energy Bank, and soak up the thoughts or sentences necessary to calm our pains.

A Energy Bank is one of its main "Weapons" of Sale ".

We will explain it in detail in another postcard that we will publish soon, but now stay with the idea that among all the resources that you can use to improve your sales performance, this is one of the most powerful.

So be prepared to assemble, build, build, prepare ... your own Energy Bank . The sooner you have it, the better.


(1) The face-to-face courses on the Certificate of Real Estate Professionalism are They organize by different companies or associations. I recommend the Real Estate Employer AEGI for being one of the developers of the Professional Qualification of this sector in Spain. This is your site: aegi.org

(2) Recall the wisdom of the old Roman aphorism: Victoria loves Preparation . Therefore, it should be remembered that each significant step we take in our work as real estate commercial agents, must have been preceded by the proper preparation of it.

(3) We will see later the different phases of the Collection Process . The one we are dealing with here corresponds to the previous moments before leaving for the initial inspection visit of the property to be captured.

(4) The text image of Og Mandino corresponds to the cover of the book (Editorial DIANA) that I bought many years ago. You can find it easily under this or any other more modern edition.

(5) The paragraphs "in quotation marks" and in italics have been taken from my book The capture in the World of Real Estate Agencies. (Editorial UCI.Spain/PyC.001

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