1 AMAT VICTORIA CURAM (Victory favors those who prepare) Victoria loves Preparation is an old Roman saying whose attribution or origin is scarce. And it is repeated in thousands of sites without reference to its author. However, in the excellent heraldic page blasón.es (1) is attributed to Gaius Valerio Cátulo (2): Non ...

Victory loves preparation

Victory loves preparation

1 AMAT VICTORIA CURAM (Victory favors those who are preparing)

Victoria loves Preparation is an old saying Roman whose attribution or origin is scarce. And it is repeated in thousands of sites without reference to its author. However, in the excellent heraldic page blasón.es (1) is attributed to Gayo Valerio Cátulo (2):

Non frustra meditantur: habent memorabile quod sit.

Nec mirum, penitus quae tota mente laborant.

We alio minds, alio divisimus aures:

Iure igitur vincemur: amat victoria curam. (3)

That José María Alonso Gamo , translates, in the very rare eneadecasílabos verses (4), like this:

They write down everything that is worth remembering and they do not rehearse in vain,

that does not surprise us, because their minds are concentrated in the work.

But if we distract our ears and disperse the thought, >

By law they will defeat us, because victory loves those who are worried.

... Those who are worried about getting it, and, therefore, the that concentrates are prepared, pre-testing all the foreseen steps, without dispersion or distraction, ando they are behind some achievement ..

The observation that, in the victorious events, all of them accompanies the exquisite and strenuous preparation, aspect that almost usually does not meet in the failures is old. Cátulo comes to tell us that improvisation rhymes with defeat.

2 And for us real estate agents?

In the course we have given this week in AEGi , on the issue of real estate collection, reminded attendees of this phrase of Cátulo when we talked about the necessary preparation of the recruitment interview. We have always prepared the Capture but now, in these moments of post-crisis, the effort must be greater. Now, the triumph is more difficult because the situation has changed a lot regarding the start dates of the Crisis (first week of August 2007). Now, the Victory before the Capture, demands a much better Preparation.

And in this you can find three areas:

  • a) The psychological preparation of the commercial before the immediate interview with the Owner. The recruitment must be done with the best mental attitude ... and if that were not the case, go to the tools of "immediate oxygenation" that we discussed, in order to get it.
  • b) The preparation material. Before going out to capture, we must ensure that we have the documentation and necessary tools that will help us achieve it. For this we will use the checklists that we have for this moment.
  • c) The meta preparation. It is the most difficult part because it is not instantaneous, but is the consequence of a reflection and explanation of what you should and can do, and in what circumstances the collector must do, in the recruitment interview. The type of product, the type of operation, the location, the catchment areas, the acceptance and rejection criteria must be part of the equipment to "carry" in the mind of the collector.

Even in cases where the owner comes to leave the property, all the above things have to be at hand - in the head - of the collector.

We will insist on this matter. Catulo was right. And although poetry is a forgotten tool in the sale, you see, the saying of the Roman poet, can not be more current and necessary.

3 Different sources for the motto: Victoria loves the Preparation.

The phrase enjoys "very good press", and many will find the reader on the Web.The film itself -not to be confused with the previous one by Charles Bronson , of the same title, from 1972-, is a demonstration in images of the truth of the Roman phrase.

  • And the that worries me the most, in the numismatic page that I indicate it appears a strange coin, of 2014, of 20,000 euros of value, in gold, with the indicated phrase and with a series of occult accessories, really shocking.
  • And many others who take the phrase as a label, brand, slogan, name of the company or the means of expression, name of the blog or circle of friends, learning pages, pages of educational centers, tattoo artists that offer that phrase, community of online players, erotic page hard on Tumblr , etc.
  • The phrase has a very good reputation and general acceptance .

    I say goodbye, recommending that you give the Preparation what it deserves: an intense and extensive use. Stay healthy!

    Miguel Villarroya Martín , March 14, 2016/Madrid. Spain/Cdi.004/ventasgrandes.net


    (1) It is this: Blasón.es And in She notes that: the origin of the motto is the last 3 words of [Catulo, CV; 1st century a. C .; poem 62, verse 16] that says "Iure igitur vincemur: amat victoria curam." which can be read, for example, in [Gaio da Legnago, A. del; 1375; reverse of folio 17] or more recently in [Alonso Gamo, J. M .; 2004; page 242].

    From this last author, the bibliographical reference of his work on Cátulo is mentioned in the same source, which we reproduce with great pleasure: José María Alonso Gamo , « Cayo Valerio Catulo: Complete Poems », Volume I Complete Works by Alonso Gamo, AACHE Ediciones de Guadalajara, 385 pages, ISBN 84-96236-15-3, Legal Deposit GU-202/2004, Guadalajara, 2004 .

    (2) About the Roman poet can be seen: Gaius Valerius Catullus

    (3) See the full poem on the website mentioned above.

    (4) Enneadecasyllables : Verses of nineteen syllables. (Not to be confused with the hendecasyllabic verses, with eleven syllables.)

    (5) On the website indicated are the nobility shields of a Spanish family, Quesada Valles , whose coat of arms incorporates the phrase Amat Victoria Curam . She also refers to Tomáš Kleisner and her work: « Amat Victoria Curam: The Device of Archduke Matthias on his Medal

    Image: La Victoria Love the Preparation, in a Swiss currency.

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