Currently, Twitter reaches a volume of users exceeding five hundred million. Twitter is a bidirectional communication platform with the nature of a social network that limits its messages to 280 characters, which means that short and direct messages (or announcements) must be built, a feature highly valued in advertising due to the impact of a communication of these ...

Social networks for real estate: Twitter

Real estate social networks twitter.

Currently, Twitter reaches a volume of users that exceed five hundred million.

Twitte r is a bidirectional communication platform with a social network nature that limits its messages to 280 characters , which means that messages (or announcements) must be made short and direct , a feature highly valued in advertising due to the impact of a press release of these characteristics.

Social networks for real estate: Twitter

As we can see in the example, it has two lists of different accounts: the list of the people that we are following and the list of followers. strong>

Twitter is an excellent platform together with Facebook, which will allow us to gain visibility with our clients and capture new ones.

What content post on Twitter?

This social network is more dynamic than others such as Facebook, that is, more publications are made daily. It is recommended to carry out more than 6 updates per day , of interesting and quality content and like Facebook, inserting news with real estate : News from our blog or from specialized portals such as and the properties linked to our website.

In the NEWS FOR YOUR WEB section of INMONEWS we can find a selection of neutral news to share them on the social networks of your real estate.



A hashtag is a tag consisting of one or several concatenated words and a #

pad. It has now become an indispensable tool for the content creation and increased user participation. It is widespread on Twitter and is already being used in other networks.

Let's see the following example:

Example post on Twitter.

We see that this agency, in its publication, has used the hashtags: #casa, #mutxamel, #parcela #Alicante.

The link to the property listing must also appear in the publication.

Plan your publication

It is best to spend one hour or two a week and plan in an orderly manner the weekly publication, using tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to program the tweets, which they publish in a random and disorderly way.

Be active with participation

Thank the followers for their participation, comment or retweet your comments, point out the favorites, the mechanism to connect are your followers.

How to get new followers?

Ads on Twitter

Twitter has a powerful advertising platform that will allow you to Facebook, look for a target to attract new followers. Choose your keywords carefully.

You follow and will be followed

There is a very basic technique, which is to follow potential potential clients, that you have located, Many of them, seeing that you have followed him, will follow you and it is a way of getting known.

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