An approach to the inbound MK (INBMK) requires knowing the aspects involved in this activity, which, at least, will be these: a) Know the different types of marketing used in each of the areas mentioned above. (1) b) Understand what some have called the client's trip. c) Know the application and performance ...

Inbound marketing The aspects involved

Inbound marketing The aspects involved

An approach to the inbound MK (INBMK) requires knowing the aspects involved in this activity, which, at least, will be these:

a) Know the different types of marketing used in each of the areas we mentioned above. (1)

b) Understand what some have called The journey of the client.

c) Know the application and performance of the different techniques used in each phase. Some others have called this the Agency's Journey.

d) Understand the Inbound MK as a filtering system for prospects of the type Many enter, few come out. This is sometimes done with the venerable name of the Sales funnel.

e) Quantification of the whole process, at all levels.

f) The exhaustive control of everything the process and the use of automation tools.

Today we will see here the first point: marketing aspects used in each area of ​​the relationship with the client.

The aspects involved

See the following figure:

The Inbound Sales Funnel marketing

Note that it can be seen, from left to right, these topics:

  • The marketing aspects or names involved.
  • The Customer's Trip: its different transformations throughout the purchase cycle of the same.
  • And a warning that we are facing a process of filtered, that is, from a process of more or less in terms of the number of prospects at each level and from less to more in terms of the probability of sale (from zero to 1).

The most outstanding aspect of the relationship phase (1) in which we find ourselves, characterizes the Mk that we use in each case. There are five.

Attraction marketing

The whole process begins its march -like any other aspect of business management- with the development of a marketing idea through the classic procedure of Planning/Organization, Start-up and Control of processes. Well, in the case of inB.MK., the first phase of its activation is Attraction. (2)

And the marketing that stands out is called Attraction Marketing , whose use allows the capture, by very different ways or techniques and with very different attractions or rewards , from a series of possible prospects, directing them to a certain website or blog . This process of recruitment can be totally digital: when all the roads to that web are, or not. But although in this case other non-digital channels are used, these are also pointed to the same website.

We will explain this matter later, in an independent postcard.

Permission marketing

One of the pillars of the inB.MK methodology is that the marketing company does not initiate contact with a prospect if he has not authorized you before. And when he gets it, he is aware that this permission can be revoked. (3)

Throughout the previous attraction process, the granting of that permit is urged, but until it has been achieved, the contact process is not initiated. (Even in a more strict methodology that first permit, it must be confirmed by the prospect.Overcoming a certain threshold of intensity of that perception makes visitors of the previous phase, become prospects worthy of being tried. (That the closing process of the sale be tried with them.) (4)

We will explain this matter later, in a separate postcard.

The closing marketing

To those only prospects, already sufficiently motivated and carefully classified - qualified as potential customers -, through digital and non-digital means, the sale is proposed. Which will culminate or not, successfully. (5)

We will explain this matter later, in a separate postcard.

Maintenance marketing

And, with which we have achieved success, we will lead them to a part of the storage system, which will later be handled in order to keep the relationship alive, as well as to convert them or in repetitive buyers or in apostles of our company, service or product. (6)

We will explain this issue in detail, later, on separate postcards.


I leave you, stay healthy! And do not forget to return: An interesting explanation of the Client Trip (Buyer's Journey ), from the inBound MK system.

Miguel Villarroya Martín, on June 12, 2016/Madrid. Spain/InB.005/


(1) As you will remember for HubSpot are these: Attract/Convert/Close/Delight

(2) See also: Attraction Marketing versus Inbound Marketing: What they are and how they differ.

(3) See for example: Permission Marketing and Email Capture

(4) See for example: What is digital marketing conversion? Definition and Examples

(5) As the mood is already for vanities, I will bring my bun to this oven and I will recommend my text The Closing of the Real Estate Sale.It is adapted to Personal sale and not digital, but you will learn a lot from this text. You will like it, for sure.

(6) See the definition of this interesting web: « Relationship marketing is the set of efforts that are made to create mutually satisfactory relationships and long term with the key markets (consumers, suppliers and distributors), in order to achieve and maintain long-term exchange processes with them, in addition to achieving their preference towards the company and/or its products and services

(7) The image of the garbage bin used in my scheme belongs to the English site ClkerFreeVectorImages and was on Pixabay as a Public Domain image. To both sites we appreciate your courtesy for the free use of your image.

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