The Ministry of Development and Housing has promoted a program to promote the promotion of protected housing in self-construction regime or through other cooperative formulas.

The Junta de Andalucía promotes a program for the construction of housing with three million in aid and cession of public land

Andalusia: Housing protected under self-construction, Order of July 4, 2018. BOJA Nº 133

Grants from the Junta de Andalucía for the construction of houses with only three million euros

Published in BOJA the regulatory bases of this call that promotes the construction of protected housing through cooperative formulas -

Andalucía, 11/07/2018 . The Ministry of Development and Housing has promoted a program to promote the promotion of housing under self-construction or through other cooperative formulas, initiative for the 778 Andalusian municipalities and which will be allocated 3 million euros in aid, in addition to providing the transfer of public land, whether autonomous or municipal ownership.

The regulatory bases of this call were published on 11/7/2018 by the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Regional Government and it is foreseen that open soon, to promote housing construction through these formulas. This program will be carried out with the collaboration of city councils or public entities dedicated to the promotion of housing, so that they will be in charge of coordinating these actions.

The Minister of Development and Housing, Felipe López, has assured that "the impetus of this program is a clear example of the commitment of the Andalusian Government in this term to promote the promotion of protected housing and is part of the set of initiatives contained in the Andalusian Housing and Rehabilitation Plan, in development until 2020 , all aimed at activating this appropriate and affordable formula of access to a home for citizenship. "

This program includes the cession of public land, which may be of autonomous ownership through land that is in possession of the Agency for Housing and Rehabilitation of Andalusia (AVRA) in the municipalities where there is demand for this initiative, or municipal ownership. In addition to facilitating the disposal of land, the Board will also allocate 3 million euros in aid for individuals and families who decide to bet on this new formula of access to a protected home.


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